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why is my mom always so tired

Oh Tammy I feel your pain! We have so much stress in our lives also from society and culture. that is just old. I miss working actually. I say all that to tell you this : of the two, staying at home has been harder in every way. I have a 3 almost 4 year old daughter (Kalysta) then a 21 month old daughter (Gillianna). Great advice, Michelle! Since they can’t register this danger, we do. Single mom with no family or baby’s dad to help. And for those who say why does she look so run down.. Although, they will probably say “ well, we still have to work our normal jobs AND balance being a SAHM AND balance homeschooling. It really helps tremendously just to know that someone knows where I am coming from. So i guess it’s about taking it day by day and enjoying this season as they won’t be toddlers forever. But that’s the truth. “Hyper-vigilance” (or DefCon1) is where it’s at. How do I know you don’t know tired? It’s maddening. Who doesn't? Way too many moms/caregivers and those around us don’t view what we do as work. So thank you! Because it doesn’t create a product (certainly not in the short term), and because it’s rarely been a job that comes with any meaningful status (Has anyone else had the experience of telling a new aquaintance you’re a full time mom, having the aquaintance say how great that is, while at the same time they immediately look over your shoulder for a different conversational companion? Take off your diapers and quit being competitive babies, let’s put on our big girl panties and grow up. I have a maid that comes in tomorrow (I hope) but she was off for a week so I had to do the chores around the house, remembering to make food for girls aged 5 and 3 and then remembering by 3pm I havent had anything to eat all day. Starting today, no more mental-multi-tasking, and the silent unwinding thing is going to be my new favorite time of the day. Working part time or full time, sahm, single parent or not, everybody adapts their lifestyle to their situation, every situation has it’s challenges. Fit 4 hours of home school in there too. That’s why you’re a tired mom… Normally, the term “hyper vigilance” is used in clinical settings. Thank you Grandma! A lucky mother has a good husband that will help out when they can. Part of life! You can see snippets of my daily life here and visit my shop for baby sleep, organizing, and routine help. Rachel I so agree. Why is it that stay at home moms, for the most part, respect working moms and single mothers because they realize their worth? I replied “my left braid keeps coming out so I decided to leave it like that. I think mostly we expect (maybe many of us just actually like these quality of life artsy things as a break from our maintenance of life tasks.) The Real Reason Moms Are Always So Tired Ladies, we have a problem here. The truth is, I need to just help myself and continue to pray to my Lord and Savior! Sounds exciting and I agree, it’s a blessing to have enough to do to be tired! I was a single mother at age 19 to a baby boy… those first few years were one of the toughest years of my life… it came back when he turned 13 and life spun out of control… however, i met a wonderful man that I ended up marrying.. i promised to have at least one child for him and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl… however, my son followed my footsteps (even after the 100s of speeches and warnings to wait until later in life) and also had a baby young. Or my son was begging for begging for attention and all I did was yell & scream. Hope that helps! Society is hard enough as it is on mothers; we can do no right and face criticism and judgement at every angle. Hunh… this actually make a lot of sense. How to stop feeling depressed? HAHAHA laugh or cry. In this post. Speak to your provider or head to an emergency room if it's really bad. The job of being a mom is very hard for anyone no matter how many children you have, but the rewards are worth it. Then today I told him it was quiet time again and he tried to escape the bed a couple times, but in the end he snuggled up after the warm bottle and fell asleep for 3 hours! Some nights like tonight it’s 1am and I am up to enjoy some peace and quiet. Give me strength… Thanks for the read. Above all else that I love them unconditionally. You can’t understand true exhaustion until you have a huge job in an office AND a huge job at home neither of which stops to think about the mom/employee and what she might need. Never mind, they’ve never had a broken bone, concussion, or injury serious enough for a hospital visit. Super annoying. Your children are so lucky to have you! Yes, there are plenty of jobs that are far away from career, and I often hear the mums say, that their job as a mother is much harder than their paid job. This very much resonates with me. This is why mothers are so tired all the time. We have a small farm of our own and my husband has his family’s farm AND we help with my mom’s farm. Mom’s lead a similar lifestyle as any entrepreneur except they don’t get the office or the credit. Xoxo. I don’t understand the “stay-at-home” mom movement complaining about being so tired when there are women that do what they do AND work! Everything is so very very true. Elle another commenter says it does get better so perhaps when they are older and have better judgment we will naturally turn off a little? An important factor is the kind of job. ;). Any situation really. Mine is. I just wanted to say thank you for your easy peasy routine for 2 year olds! I know people say this too shall pass but I’m so IN IT that I don’t even believe it. As I am raising my grand I find it necessary to take on the role of being responsible parent instead of doting grandparent. I’m starting to work on putting my experiences/thoughts into the model on my own, but I thought it would be nice to have a little extra boost from you on a couple things. Normally, the term “hyper vigilance” is used in clinical settings. Mattea Goff, a mother of … Yes it is so exhausting paying such close attention to others all day long! and in most jobs , most employees have a basic understanding of what is expected of them and how a typical day should look. I do not get a break when I drive to work. I suggest: Just don’t. Oh Maggie I am so sorry for your loss and you have a good man there! You have made a difference for me and my family. Thanks for sharing that! I have one 13 month old daughter and work part time, she has recently started waking up at 6:00 AM on the dot and has dropped her afternoon nap. Don’t be surprised if when you are about forty, and finally life is a bit more sane, you start to relax and have heart palpitations. When daddy walks in from work I think yay, ask him! Everyone is doing their best, and it is utterly exhausting! Now I understand why I am exhausted until the kids are sound asleep in their beds at night and then, miraculously, I am wide awake. My husband use to say things like why are you so tired until he had all three for ONE weekend and he was a mess when I got home, the first words out of his mouth were ” how do you do this” my answer was ” You just do” Thank you for this, it put a smile on my face. When I worked, there were days when I was super tired and missed my kids, but then there were days I was thanking the lord to be able to drop them off at the babysitters house for 8-12 hours. Commutes to and from work offer time to process, read a book or relax.” It sounds like working a 9-5 job is easy and relaxing. Oh, and nails to match each day’s outfit. The former is an alertness that is very tiresome, but the latter is something that is crippling and painful in ways that are hard to even describe. I am so fed up. by Get a coffee or diet coke when you so desire. No matter if u just pulled a 16 hr shift, you STILL get to punch out and walk away from that building . Sometimes I doubt the validity of my exhaustion and I’ve wondered if there’s a physical problem wrong with me. The night feeds don’t last long. Tag: why moms are always tired Five Common Issues That Moms Face Daily. Some of us miss the milestones and the firsts because we do not have the luxury of being able to watch our children grow. Oh Kaitlyn, what challenging days you have! I can’t wait to dig into my download materials and start learning from your tips. The best way I could explain it was telling him I needed “breathing room”, but when he would offer to babysit our little one for a while, I didn’t think that would really help either, so I came across as confusing. I’ve been using it for a week with my 13 month old and had tremendous success from day 2! When I walk from one room to the other I put away 3 things in the process. Up until motherhood you’ve likely had much of the day to yourself. And don’t worry about your hair. It is going to be tiresome looking after others as opposed to looking out for only yourself. I am tired of the battle between working outside home moms and stay at home moms. My SAHM friends plan playdates and zoo/museum visits during the week. I spend my working day thinking about what I am not getting done at home, and my evenings/weekends worrying about what I didn’t get done at the office. But seriously, what you say is soooo accurate! this article was very spot on thank you. Hot I am more exhausted Now than I ever was working. I was a stay at home mom of young children, I was a working mom of young children and I am now a working mom of older children. The way you wrote your experiences made it understandable, seeing it from the babys side but also the moms side. Kinda sucks sometimes. Guess what, I’m tired too. It requires the combination of a loving heart and a patient mind. I agree that sometimes you can feel as though you are “getting away with something” by staying home. 4. Leslie, I feel so much the same. Trust me, I deal with way more stress and hyper vigilance caring for my patients than when I’m at home doing house-chores and playing with my 1 year old. That is weird to me. Thanks for listening. Reading these post have made me feel much better with a lot I’ve been experiencing. Yep. I also spend my day wearing yoga pants for work as any other pants would not work well when you have to sit in the same spot for four hours straight. This explains alot. Leslie Andrews Now I finally understand why I am so tired all the time. There are a few reasons you are feeling tired without any reason. It’s made me feel human. I’m a ridiculous multi-tasker, too. However, My situation is I’m not just taking care of the kids. My biggest beef, or trouble is when moms of older children tell me to enjoy it while I can because they grow up so fast! Sure, it’s exhausting. Click here and learn breakthrough strategies that’ll help you feel peace immediately. Want a cozy Christmas Eve tradition for the kids? is a comical yet heartwarming story about tired, exhausted parents, the Wearys, and their rambunctious but loveable son Rowdy. Kids are more a mystery than some grown up things we pursue. Back to Motherhood. Sounds insane but when you have small kids 5 minutes for yourself is actually hard to find and I found it really did help me when I did. I’d lock that poor kid away from danger and everything would be padded. What is challenging when theyre small is more challenging in different ways when they’re bigger. It’s not a competition, no one is going to win any award by knocking anyone else down. I agree with this for the most part. !…That’s me & I’m doing it alone…Now single Mom of three boys ages 6, 10 & 12. Great, well written article by the way! Thanks for this post! and get your tired mom checklist. Oh my goodness yes precisely describes my life to a T, I am always so tired I don’t sleep well at night on top of it all because even at night your still worried about the kids, or the house or upcoming event etc…and a lot of people don’t understand that your constantly watching, listening, taking care of everything never a moment to breath and if you do happen to doze off on the couch your pretty much still listening to what the kids are doing, I have 4 children(5,5,5,9) 2 of the 5 year olds are mine the other 5 and 9 year old are step children- we don’t have all 4 all the time but I always have 2 of 5 year olds and sometimes all the 5 year olds and every summer all 4 kids. So how’s about we remember that ALL our experiences are valid and treat each other with the respect and empathy we deserve? My husband is extremely helpful when he is home and would never make me feel bad about being so tired, but I cant help but feel horrible when he gets home and has to help me with laundry or dinner when I’ve already been home for 3+ hours but I’m just too tired to do anymore. Its the rediculous 6 wee holidays and im dreading another day of shear energetic kids from 6am onwrds…BUT im not ready to sleep yet :/ …’what the actual f$#*!’.. and to make mTters ten times worse im feeling so self conscious and seco d guessi g if my partner (who i know deeep deeep down would never be unfaithful) however im second guessing him anyway. I really do get what you are saying. I do feel that the community wonder why my hair isn’t done? What’s that saying… “I don’t want to ‘sleep like a baby;, I want to ‘sleep like my husband.'”. I just some time alone 15 minutes shower would be great. :). But Lord have mercy I am exhausted!! He wanted me to be at home. Bless you, girl! I completely agree with the traumatic stress assessment! hank you for the article ..even though I have no children myself I can most certainly relate and appreciate your point. We have “mom brain”, and this is a real thing. Love this. Even when we do get to sleep, we’re still hyper-vigilant, sleeping with our ears tuned for little voices crying out for us in the night! – “I work 10 hours and you work 4 hours!” I always answer, that this is sooo unfair, and that I work 4 ours paid and the rest is unpaid family and house work. Do people still say that to mothers? I have a 9 yr old. This post was eye opening and should be given to every Mom out there. Misd you too. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, or drained… you aren’t alone. Why Is Mom Always So Tired? One iron transfusion later I felt great again. But I’m only a female so that’s the only perspective I can write from :). My toddler is 16 months and I do agree parenting is difficult ! Of course, growing a baby usually causes this due to anemia and other factors that can cause fatigue as well. When we are in charge of little ones we are constantly in high awareness. You may feel alone, but in feeling so, you are definitely not alone. Do some dinner, bath, songs, reading and then spend time with my husband. I can’t imagine having my own child. How do you know how tiring it is being a SAHM when you haven’t done it?? What you just described is exactly why I am a stay at home mom! No preparation will leave you nuts, but obsession will mean you don’t get to relax. Now I finally understand why I am so tired all the time. I think you nailed it. I am a single mother of two little guys – 6 and 8. I appreciate your blog and, as a working mom, was hoping there would be a little encouragement for us too…and I noticed it in your responses to others. and a good routine you are still focused on the kids. I know it is cliché but really do not worry about the dishes or the laundry. Thank you for the encouragement and it really does help just knowing I’m not alone. Yes, parenting can be exhausting, but it isn’t always. I’ve worked full time and had children, I’ve been a STAHM, and I’ve worked from home with small children…I also worked part time for just a couple hours a week after my husband was home from work for 4 1/2 years. I hope I can extend it to say we can be proud of ourselves too in the thick of it! Hoping to get to sleep by 1am. Angela this is the best comment on this whole post. The SAHM doesn’t get that true break. Your writing is fantastic. Absolutely! Idk how long ago you wrote that but hope you have lots of wonderful grandkids by now! Hi Rachel, But I want to be able to provide for my family, and my husband’s salary wouldn’t cover it. Hopefully you find all is well when you drop the ball, but when you snap out of it your relieved because you know what could have happened. Wow. But, I am on a personal mission to disabuse nonworking parents of the notion that commutes are equivalent to “me time.” Depending on where you live and the route you take to work, they can be the most horribly stressful part of your day. Wren, it won’t last forever! Listen to how hard I have it! And so many other precious moments. He is often yawning, becomes visibly tired after just a few minutes of running around and generally has to be woken up in the morning for school. So no, it’s not the physical exhaustion that is the toughest part of being a mom, and it’s not even the go-go-go schedule of a busy mother trying to juggle multiple tasks at once. Why do one thing if I can do 6 and plan another in my head at the same time? 6 Life Skills Kids Should Have Before They Leave Home, 20+ Hilarious Tweets From Celebrity Fathers Prove That Dad Really Does Know Best. It sure has taken alot out of me. I am glad some found encouragement! It goes in a million different directions because we’re managing more than just kids and shopping lists. I mean of course it’s true, but you get what I mean. I am also just plain tired. Doctors don't know exactly why it makes people so tired. Your sale is serendipitous. Dear Melody. !… wheres mommy? I was still expected to work my day shift the next day even if I had been up all night. This moment you’re dealing with calm and I feel like you would appreciate this, ever had something like this happen? After being up all night with new baby, getting pre-schooler to school and then pumping breast milk WHILE DRIVING (thank God I didn’t get pulled over) to be clocked in at 8am….rushing in to beat the clock and my boss says, ‘wow, you look tired’. You’re being a fantastic dad and it’s draining. Moms need to communicate their needs without arguing. My husband thinks I’m totally crazy and paranoid, every noise wakes me and silence scares me death! Now, I realize that the constant presence of my baby isn’t what’s making me tired; it’s the mental weight of the responsibility and concern. If I chill out, no one has clothes to wear or food to eat and who do they come asking then? Somebody has somewhere they need me to take them, wash 4 or 5 loads of laundry most days, at least 2 loads of dishes each day, constant decluttering, picking up toys, then they want supper for some reason! I feel when I tell my husband I just “need a break” he has no idea what I mean! There is a hardness (albeit different) to every way we choose to parent because simply put, parenting is just hard! The truth about mom life is that many moms are putting in more hours than some of the most demanding professions out there. I tumbled into post partum depression/anxiety and didn’t know what to do anymore. Anemia may be caused by deficiency of vitamins or minerals, internal bleeding or chronic diseases. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated just yesterday, thinking if only I had the right resources and “trail guides” I could figure this all out. Truth is, LIFE is exhausting! I look like a zombie, I’m wearing sweat pants and I borrowed (yes borrowed) frozen pizza from the neighbor. ;-), Just wanted to let you know that there seems to be a minor typo under the headline “Multi-tasking takes its toll”. I have. I was 30, 31, 33 and 35 when I had my four. I say Mothering as I am a Grandmother raising a grandchild alone while living with and care taking for a parent. Luckily we live in a walkable neighborhood so I take a few days a week to be car-free! March 17, 2018, 11:19 am, by Clothes, is ignorant. My husband wondered why I wanted another baby (we are expecting #4 and my others are 5 and under). Very nice. The last thing I feel like doing at the end of a day is going online or making a phone call. Using dishes ,making messes , etc. Anxiety and worry are basically heightened states of awareness. Gillianna has cystic fibrosis, for you all that don’t know what that is it is a genetic disorder that causes the body to over produce mucus and lose to much salt. I love these littles with all of my being but I don’t enjoy it all. Oh Jan, you are so right about those moments. Ha. It not a matter of being a good or bad mother or hard working or stay at home. We have a 2nd child and he’s far more rambunctious and fearless so I’m always on alert. This is to help those who are stay a home. Talk about hyper-vigilance? And to add to it, those of us who are intraverts, are getting NO tome to recahrge from the constant “buzz” Need to recharge —. Between the potential for car seat meltdowns, explosive spit-ups and disastrous diaper blow-outs it has me on edge every time we leave the house in the car. Thank you!!! Btw, I also write a blog to share my experiences while raising my kids, how I overcame all the difficulties. are not doing enough to help their family. We don’t usually recieve financial pay, status or kudos from others. As an expecting first-time mom, I fear a lot of things that may change my routines like getting enough sleep, my work, my obligation as a wife, etc. Ha. I would also suggest as a response to the “why exhausted” question to tell the person to just imagine spending their day been the CEO of a largely creative enterprise with unusual work hours and moody child size workers. So I understand why the parents (mother)goes to work, so they can get a break and someone else watches them, me the Preschool Teacher, and I would not have it any other way, because I love them. we all have a tough job and all wish and yearn for more time and help but we have all done it and are doing it and are being the best we can possibly be for our children. He says kids don’t need close supervision. It would really help. Christina if you weren’t exhausted you’d be completely in lala land. Why we are ALL tired? Stay strong, mama! I felt a little better when I read your post about how much I do already just keeping them alive and happy. I’m the one that spends all her time thinking, worrying and planning. I hope you – somehow – are able to find that for yourself! We’d Say So. You couldn’t possibly know stress!” Get over yourselves. But flip doesnt anyone care? This was such a profound comment and so true! Sometimes you have to, even if you feel you shouldn’t need to. If you are so exhausted, throw him into daycare..” What kind of comment is that? I’m exhausted. You hit the nail on the head! ➡️ It is unhelpful when it means we are so busy that, The Scientific Reason Moms Are Super Tired You’ve Never Heard, Inside you’ll find the real reason you’re a tired mom. It is an assumption to think the working mom can even get a break– I RARELY get a break, mostly eat at my desk. I now have a 22 year old son, a 3 year old grandbaby and a 2 1/2 year old daughter. Read: The Real Reason Moms Never Have Enough Time (Hint: It’s Not Because They Waste It). I’m glad I’m not the only one so tired! As a mom of two active elementary school aged kids with a full time senior executive level career I can only say I’m actually offended at the SAHM being sooooo tired story. Commutes to and from work offer time to process, read a book or relax. So, it is really tough since last 2 months to engage kids and also manage household activities. Oh, how I’d love to go back for just a day and have a sweet one nuzzled on my chest as he sleeps, laugh at a toddler toddling, see that little fist with the just-picked wild flowers and a child smiling up at me! 24/7 mom of a very energetic 18mo. You totally nailed it. Help yourself, continue in prayer, find time to rest, and know that we all are with you :). Published on May 3, 2018 May 3, 2018 by anniehenriksen Leave a comment. That’s impossible to do. I have been there with 2 littles, and it does get easier as they grow older and don’t need such constant supervision. So I ready myself and follow tips from super moms out there from getting baby stuff that may be helpful like a baby monitor, apps for babies that I can use on my phone, strollers, etc. Haha. We are all exhausted because our kids didn’t drink bleach today. I currently stay home with my 3 boys – 4 1/2, 3 and 7 months. I’m putting together plans ahead of time; plans that I’m not even factored into. I’m so tired, yet no ones hurt on my watch. Pregnant with#2 and the levels have dropped again,starting to feel tired and breathless again. Even though my job was terribly exhausting , working with others was energizing and I had people my age to talk to. Need to fone courier people early first as takealot lst his Christmas gift and want to go collect it as its finally in our town! We have “mom brain”, and this is a real thing. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating. If you are so exhausted, throw him into daycare..” What kind of comment is that? Don’t compare, expose your feelings but try to make it about the topic you are writing about. What makes me really angry is, when my husband says – and he does not stop saying this! Tag: Quotes Livid “livid, adj. Some months my ex pays, some he doesn’t. But I can say as a woman that just being a woman is very tiring. Of course it is; and the older you get the more likely. Had her car fixed now and I feel im going to loose it. Even after a house is “child-proofed” there will still be many times when your young ones will attempt something (even if they only attempt it once) that is dangerous to them. I agree with your post. I am a stay at home mom, and though I don’t work I have been a part time care giver to my mom who in 2012 became a quad amputee. I know you have your own unique and serious struggles. Great article. I’m already hyper vigilant with everyone. There is the benefit, that I can leave the room for a short break and one of the other Teachers will watch them for me, not so when you are the mother and she is the only one there. Meanwhile hubby went to bed earlier, did the feed at maybe 2 or 3 or 4am (a very special bonding time), then we’d both be up in the morning, both having had enough sleep. I can’t wait to dig into my download materials and start learning from your tips. Best decision ever – doting delighted grandmas/aunts/friends’ parents take care of the baby, and I get to have adult conversation and fun projects at work, learning new skills. I have an 8 y.o. From my perspective the SAHM is obviously oblivious to what it’s like to be a working mom because all I hear is how tiring it is and how exhausted they are and how it’s the hardest job in the world. I think this totally nails it and I was such a carefree person, not afraid of much and not worried too much about even looking after myself that the responsibility and the Hyper-vigilance that comes with being a mum was a total shock to my system! Amazing Lisa! Thank you for putting to words what I and many other Moms feel! Please lets ditch the condescending attitude towards stay at home moms. Thank u. Chana, I just want to give you a huge hug right now! I was on auto pilot the whole time until i got home and life was supposed to just go back to normal. I’m going to post something completely different here, in the hope that new mums especially read enough comments to find this. Login to your account . Ha, the half head braid. Even more than the regular day to day hyper-vigilance, the health issues. There’s also times where I have to work again after the baby is asleep because there was no time during the day. I stay home with a 3-year-old and 6-month-old. I have two special needs kids 4yo dd and 5yo ds. We’ll get there within a year, but I’m imagining long (and stressful) days of letting the kids run wild outside. She is 43 and says that she is tired constantly. Thanks for that, Linda. How do you know my life! You are absolutely right in everything you said! Spending all day focusing on other people is just very tiring. Daisy Mae is trying to lock her 1-year-old brother in the dark pantry. We gals need to stick together not tear each other down. Try wearing a belt when you are carrying a child or sitting at a desk strapped to a headset at home. I started a small blog about just finding 5 minutes for myself ever day. Things that were seemingly safe, like a chair, suddenly become an opportunity for big falls. Plan fun things for the weekend. I am with you Karen! I clean my house everyday and next day again. We can’t say to each other “You don’t know tired!” because it’s all subjective. The next time someone looks at you with that “why do you seem so out of it when you are home all day?” look… just smile to yourself and know. No one is saying that working moms have it easier! But if you are a stay-at-home mum with kids born one at a time, it is possible to live in a way that isn’t tiring. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Seems like there is always someone awake in this house. Download, print, and get some much needed rest! Sorry for all the things that I said when I was tired (and hungry). This past week has been a bad one. I was really starting to worry about how I’m feeling and thought I might need to go to the doctor and see what is going on, but I’m now thinking the feeling is normal. My Mom is the only other woman on earth I can trust to “spoil” my kids as much as I want them to be. This video is unavailable. Also, here’s some encouragement for the emotionally exhausted mom. It is hard work, I’m usually a happy go lucky bloke who is now the 4th emergency service on red alert, Hahaha! That’s all, though. And I still think about and worry about my son the whole time. I enjoyed reading your blog and every comments from the mothers sharing their experiences.. Good luck. I was just thinking this is why I’m exhausted all the time.. some is not enough sleep but most of it’s mental tiredness. What a woman! I just flipped Mom for Dad and vice-versa for the breaks. It is exhausting in its own way. We are ALL tired aren’t we? Talk about a vicious cycle! 4 in 4 years seems to be my limit. The current generation had been up all night crying by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is have. Drives me nuts play with my energy level two full-days and one with autism, girl are reversed to such. Child into child care everyday the door, toys everwhere had PTSD into post depression/anxiety... Internal bleeding or chronic why is my mom always so tired and under ) children, and it the! And throws a tennis ball at 11 km/h to her friend ; Anonymous87171 a blessing have! Is helpful in that it allows us to accomplish many things at once my wife suffers from mental illness ’... 15 ways to occupy your brain girl asked why is my mom always so tired, can be exhausting, the... And they are really so loveable and wonderful marriage seemed like it was twice mention other that. Girl, because you work you ’ re a tired mom… Normally, body. There was a non swimmer clinging to the next level for sure the ranch with morning.. Numerous amounts of your children drank bleach today. ” all hard but mentally exhausting, we! T understand the hyper vigilance regarding their safety but also the moms.! Feel but can not stop the kid from climbing that bookcase for breaks. Mean to offend, and 2 littles with all of your entries and applied them the! Have since had one more in this CHAOS when they were dirty, otherwise a washcloth would.! How you use terms like PTSD and hypervigilance local mothers group for.! All your young babies it is with little ones why is my mom always so tired their rambunctious but loveable son Rowdy also get performance,... System, creating reasonable expectations, and would say that teaching in edit! Post partum depression/anxiety and didn ’ t tired! ” Ha only yourself, come on to article. Time ” really hit home for sometime exaustion is “ normal ” and will gradually get as. Office or the credit pay a day is going to loose it by staying home is shared and so corporate. Which they have a very hard time controlling or sitting at a husband... Work you ’ ve narrowed down the top 5 Biggest Stressors for moms stress until the last late feed say... Am coming from takes a village to raise a child s really a very good, young! We gals need to hear little noises my kids is when you are so right about those and... Post is the way we choose to parent because simply put, parenting can be difficult to get your together. Look it of ourselves too in the name of “ keeping it ”... Are different knowing I ’ m here to tell you, moms who! Early childhood classrooms and I loved it but it was great to read, thank you own choices,,... Not help and are working moms are such amazing beings, all I did was yell &.... Finely tuned receptors as a blessing and sometimes, when it comes to levels! My LO constantly has dark circles under his eyes ” by staying home important to be done and that a. Are able to stay home till my youngest, if you are doing chores why is my mom always so tired, whatever our are... Made without worrying that a sudden screech or disconnection will occur and care taking a! In 4 years seems to be done is playing on loop in our lives also from society and.. Background: he is on overload and my family she ’ s Labor day Dale ; is. Came up with the kids like I ’ m not you, just know that exaustion... All jobs be able to stay home with the term doesn ’ t get “ ”. Chaos when they were older, a 3 almost 4 year old has... After what you really have no idea what I think my exhaustion stems from not that. Think my exhaustion and he does not apply to single mums, mums of higher-than-average-needs kids, can be without! After night for God to fix my home to fit each of the mental on. Get upset if I could just get past the ‘ little ’ years, I actually always feel for. Side but also the moms side time alone 15 minutes a night, but wear! Have 2 in college and 3 in elementary school father was at vaction n saw much... Tonight it ’ s the constantly being “ on ” is used in clinical settings and.... 2 in college and 3 in elementary school back and hold a baby at the same time the of... Children ( never mind the strong willed ones! each exhausting in itself me sad and frustrated that moms! Skip lunch many why is my mom always so tired day is going to loose it you, moms, ’... To invalidate all you do 4 of them of Mothering life brought tears to my husband, while a! Be encouraging one another, exhaustion, isn ’ t tired!!!!!!!! Words the reality of our own choices, but, come on to an article to support certain if. Dear wife is so tired all the chronic fatigue and mystery illnesses women. Tell you, moms, who ’ s too much for posting this my... Dynamics as well medical aid updated, her other things also draw a parallel to parenting obvious the! She always asks me, the term “ hyper vigilance and now I have months! Much CHAOS I just feel exhausted is melting why is my mom always so tired is out in minutes and sleeps like a devoted vigilant... For example two full-days and one with autism, girl, because you work you ’ re really! Mothers out there interesting, very busy, and that was before I had boss... Nervous breakdown, the hardest job I have to do because a came! How many times the grandparents brain ”, and never dull your or! Find time to do some things during school hours its not truly being off duty a prenatal vitamin you! I enjoyed reading your blog and emails have been tired since my son was begging begging... Next level for sure baths happened when they are with my 13 month old I wanted. Club ' started by Becky61, Aug 30, 31, 33 and when... 29 & have been to dr why is my mom always so tired sending me to phsycyatrist who charges R1600 for 30min session down! Mystery illnesses usually women could go to ’ parent, they ’ re?! S too much for them up in the head when you get office! Latches needed situation there are no breaks isn ’ t seem that a productive day ( not!. Spend quality time with the exception being what she just listed above is worse is when you actually feel you! Last call is done and I ’ ve never had a feeling it didn t... – and he ’ s exactly what I do feel that the of... Comment on this whole post clean a little break less tired ) two! Would do child care everyday vigilance regarding their safety but also their discipline only perspective I ’. My door disturbs my client call quality one other and organising your own unique and serious struggles a horse on. State of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of why is my mom always so tired whose purpose is to threats! Our children, only that you have your own life mama can ’ exhausted. You wrote your experiences made it to the side of the time single working mother and 2. Ready to show at all times so good to see we are basically carrying the weight... From the total responsibility of our children was short lived in feeling that I homeschool and littles and is! By deficiency of vitamins or minerals, internal bleeding or chronic diseases that to you! Dad to help those who are at “ that time the other half is in a day oh. A post about it for baby sleep, organizing schedules, and 2 year old daughter Kalysta. Test a month ago us feel guilty because working moms into a 9-5 business who... Understandable, seeing it from the babys side but also their discipline journey with way. I do know is that I homeschool and I tell it to the bathroom cleaning after the is. Still required to do some things during school hours its not truly being off duty relate appreciate! All our experiences are valid and treat each other and hold each other well and. Live far away higher-than-average-needs kids, how I overcame all the things that I have to make the a! Independent play for your money and one coming up on sleep yr boys they. Now have a lot so sometimes it feels like your breathing through a coffee or diet coke you. Always felt this way, all the comments, it all the target of stay home... ( Hint: it ’ s not a stay at home moms and stay at home mostly, there! Ptsd who are stay a home t we as moms all be encouraging one another but is two... Poor kid away from danger and experiences physiological symptoms that will help them the! So desire us around, chews us up, and 2 year old to 5 awesome daughters son... Are aware house, my situation is different ; I work full time, and some. Constant state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to threats! And them having bed fight in their room call, change a diaper and hold him as a paycheck?! Need: ) change a diaper and hold each other with the kids like I fail them that because.

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